Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 21

Today was spent working very hard.  After our morning songs we all went down to the sheep shed to get stuff done!  Some homesteaders began the arduous task of assigning and clearing land for the mini fair.  Many others worked on their booths, prizes and signs.  We still have a couple homesteaders putting the finishing touches on houses.  

After lunch, during our swim we caught a leech at the pond.  Roarie was ready with his salt to conduct experiments he has been waiting to do since camp began.  There was quite a lot of screaming involved to kill one little leech

Our afternoon was spent setting houses on the land in the woods.  It is looking pretty good out there!  We have many nice level houses nary a foundation!  A few homesteaders were reunited with their peeps after a long separation out on the land.  These peeps had big news.

At town meeting we voted for a Petiteborough anthem.  Suggestions were: "the Jeep Song", "Mt. Dew", the "Swimming Song", and one that Cedric wrote called the "Peep Song", this is set to the tune of "Fish and Chips and Vinegar".  The "Peep Song" took the most votes.  Moving on with business, it was proposed and moved to have a law against vandalism.  The measure passed without much discussion.  Next homesteaders let the fair organizers know where they want their booths.  In other business, Spencer and Tayissa informed us that their peeps, Bob Marley and Violet, left alone in the wilderness for far too long are getting married and are expecting twins!   There were congratulations all around and many requests to be brides maids!  Shortly after this our moderator lost her clothes and T-Rex got her a towel.  

Today we liked:
  • the whole day!
  • moving houses out to the land
  • getting houses done
  • all day
  •  that it did not rain
  • finishing our paint jobs
  • almost finishing houses

We wish:
  • to launch a rocket
  • for world peace
  • we all remembered to bring a change of clothes to swim 
  • Chris would visit again
  • people wouldn't talk over each other
  • Saraphina would put on the some proper clothes
  • Violet shared her situation sooner
  • Bob and Vi did not have this situation
  • we had more time to swim
  • we did not see a leech up so close
  • luck to Bob and Vi
  • for endless wishes!

everyone at town meeting

getting ready to go into the woods

Gwen eyes a potential ride

Joe's house ready to move out to the woods

Molly makes a sign and Roarie cuts a rug

Ced finished his house, Lilly makes a booth and Gwen works on a ride

Roarie at work

Spencer operates a drill, successfully!

Tay and Alex finish up their houses and begin work on 

Owen helps Joe

Evie finishes her house

Town center, ready for a mini fair!

Elizabeth and her hosue

Alex's houses, with a great big screened window

alternate veiw

Gwen's house, top view of first floor

Evie places her house on the land

Lilly's house

Elizabeth's house on the land

Gwen's house with the second story

Gwen's house with the roof

Lilly and a view from above

Molly's land and house

view from the top

Ali's house

Ali's cool staricase

Molly cool staricase

Molly's shed

Something pulled out of the stream

Joe's house

Roarie's house

Joe and Roarie's land

Tayissa's house and land

Spencer's camouflaged house

Lula's house and land

Saraphina put some clothes on!!!!!

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