Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 20

Sadly this is our last Monday of camp.  We celebrated it by learning a great new song about a 
broken ban-jo-lo-lo!  Ask your homesteader to sing you this silly song.  It will definitely put a smile on your face.  We also had several very rousing renditions of the "Proper Coffee Song", it occurs to me that I might perhaps call this song by a different title every time I write about it.  I do not actually know what it is called, but we all love it and enjoy singing it as fast as possible!

We were joined this morning by Owen's sisters, Kerri and Margaret. They helped us with some ideas for the mini fair since they have been to so many.  All morning we worked on min fair plans.  Remember the mini fair will be this Thursday from 3 to 6.  It looks like we are going to have some pretty cool rides and delicious delicacies!

After lunch we went for a brief swim, but were chased away from the pond by thunder in the sky.  We all scurried back to camp.... faster than I have ever seen some campers go all summer!  The afternoon was going to be spent in the woods.  However, we decided to play it safe and stuck around the barn playing outdoor games until the storm was imminent.  At that point some homesteaders went up to the peep loft to work on mini fair items while others went down (safely) inside the sheep shed to finish up houses and build mini fair attractions.  Others among us played a game of murder!  There was no agenda for town meeting today, and hence, nothing to discuss.

Today we liked:
  • the whole day!
  • playing murderer
  • narrating murderer
  • finishing mini rocket ride
  • working on the mini fair
  • finishing houses
  • that it rained
  • that Tayissa has paint all over her face!
We wish:

  • it didn't rain
  • we had more time to swim
  • we got to see lightening
  • thrust-er did not break on rocket
  • blind man's bluff went better
  • we could have put our houses on our land
  • we got more mini fair stuff done
  • we had more camp!!!!

Thumbs up!

Spencer builds a ride for the fair

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