Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 22

This morning we were joined by Alex's Aunt Sarah.  We showed her that we are quite good at singing!  Some of these songs seem extremely mellifluous, extreme gibberish however, is not among them!  Our morning was spent working very hard, I won't say what we worked on, but it was pretty awesome and took ALL day.  I hope you are ready to be impressed at tomorrow's mini fair!  The things we worked on today were so super secret that I did not even take a single picture, partly for the element of surprise, and partly because we were SO busy.

We still managed to play and have fun.  We had a very brisk swim and spotted another leech.  The focus of town meeting pertained to wedding plans and all that entails.  We also worked as a group to set up the schedule for tomorrow to make sure we have time for everything.

Today we liked:

  • the whole day!
  • getting ******'s done
  • getting rides set up
  • making ******* **** for tomorrow
  • that Bob will be the best man at the wedding and Jake will official the ceremony
  • working on mini fair stuff
  • putting the remaining houses on land
We wish:
  • the ******** would work
  • if was tomorrow already
  • we didn't have to talk about he wedding (says Spencer)
  • tomorrow doesn't go by too fast
  • the day after tomorrow wasn't the last day of camp
  • for chocolate cake
  • the ********* worked
  • to set up *****
  • to swim longer
  • the mini fair goes well!!!

***** means it is a secret, come to the fair tomorrow!

The mini fair will begin at 3pm tomorrow.  Be sure to come!  Call (603) 313-1717 for more details

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