Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 19

I believe we began today off our dot.  Be it the rain or the simple fact that today is Friday and a lot of homesteaders were tired.  Perhaps we were off this morning because we were all so sad that today was Maria's last day with us.  Whatever the cause, singing seemed to be a good cure.  We sang the "Pirate Song" and "Good Ol' Mountain Dew", then we broke out into some very satisfying rounds of "Black Socks"... with scream accompaniment.  Cedric composed an anthem for Petiteborough called "The Peep Song", it is set to the tune of "Fish and Chips and Vinegar".  It is a nice combination of fact and humor pertaining to our town.  Ask your homesteader if they remember any of it.

Our morning was spent tying up loose ends.  Some homesteaders finished (or nearly finished) their houses, more money was printed, furniture was made and mini fair projects were started.  We ate lunch in the peep loft and moved onto some indoor activities for recess with a game of ultimate frisbee outside, in the mist.  Our first edition of the Petitebortough Press became available for purchase today.  This newspaper caused quite a stir.  

This afternoon we were joined once again by Susan Lord and her juggling tricks.  Today she helped some of us fine tune our skills and taught us how to juggle with hoops.  Juggling hoops is very hard, we were able to find other uses for them though!

Thank you Susan!!!!
The first topic at town meeting pertained to an incident involving Saraphina and destruction of property.  A very respectful debate ensued:
Blaze, "Saraphina ripped her article out of all of the newspapers she could find."
Saraphina, "Who would want to read it if it had bad sequence?"
Marguete, "Articles written for the newspaper become property of the newspaper.  Not the author."
Morton, "Destroying purchased property is vandalism."
Blaze, "Peeps purchased the newspaper with their own money, Saraphina should not have vandalized them."
Violet, "There is no law against vandalism."
Morton, "She stole the article- stealing IS against the law!"
Pilik, "It was disrespectful, she should have known better."
Morton, "She stole from the federal government Itself!"
Blaze, "She was totally out of control, she vandalized and stole.  This is totally against the law, we should vote."
Bob, "Newspapers are trash, who cares about trash?"
Mr. T, "I was hoping to read a newspaper out of the trash."
Motion:  Saraphina pays for the vandalized papers.  The nays have it.  "Reconsider", nays have it again.  "Reconsider", nays have it a third time!
Morton, "This was more a publicity stunt than justice."

Violet and Jake brought up our next agenda topic: Respect.
Violet, "Our only rule is safety.  The disrespect got so bad today that it violated the safety rule."
Bob Marley, "Respect shouldn't have to be a law.  Respect is a cultural thing."
Violet/Tayissa, "This is a discussion about our village, not our peeps.  There has been too much disrespect."
Bob Marley, "There should be a rule, not a law.  First a warning, second you should not be able to participate in capture the flag or swimming."
Jake, "I think we are all grown up enough for this not to be a problem, we should just grow up." 
Morton, "Where do we draw the line with respect?  Laws revolve around mini people.  Respect revolves around humans."
Bob Marley, "If we don't leave today on a good foot we won't be able to organize a fun mini fair.  Things got worse as the day went on- I know it's gloomy, but it should always be fun- no yelling, or ignoring."

We ended the meeting on these very insightful words and took a cupcake break for Molly's birthday.
Happy Birthday Tomorrow Molly!!
Thank you for the cupcakes Rhonda!!
Sadly we had to say goodbye to Maria today, she has been a good friend to us all and we will miss her very much.

Today we liked:
  • this meeting was not boring
  • during recess we saw a lot of teamwork
  • getting a cupcake
  • the whole day!
  • it was hilarious getting stuck in a juggling hoop
  • settling a lot at town meeting
  • that it didn't snow!
  • smooth meeting
  • going forward
  • getting a lot of bank stuff done
  • everyone got a cupcake
We wish:
  • there was no disrespect this week
  • disrespect did not happen
  • we won't have to talk about respect again
  • we had another cupcake
  • it was less wet
  • it wasn't gloomy
  • our day went better
  • there was a more positive atmosphere most of the day
  • "people wouldn't make fun of my rat that died"
  • the bank got more done
  • everyone could have more cupcakes!
  • we would have a better sense of humor
  • it was Molly's birthday everyday!!

juggling and fitting into a hoop

wearing a silk chemise, in lunch time silliness!

"the beach is that way!"

What happened here?

We played dress up!

more dress up

Ced the "Thing"

Susan teaches Nica to juggle

Susan demonstrates with the hoops

Lula swizzles

We all try to wear the hoops

Trying on hoops was a LOT more fun than trying to juggle them!

Susan is stuck!

Roarie is stuck!

Nica got in... how ever will she get out again?

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