Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 6

We began today singing a new song that Nica shared with us called "The Jeep Song". She was very brave and sung the whole song all the way through by herself so that we would be able to learn it. Thank you Nica! We also sang "I Saw A Bear" and the "Gibberish Song". "The Gibberish Song" did not make much sense!

After singing we got down to business and worked out the Village Homestead Agreement. It seemed kind of like contracts are full of big misleading words. Ali got out the dictionary and with Nica's help, I think we all understood what we signed on for.

With the homestead agreement out of the way, all peeps are now eligible for federal loans to improved their property (and we actually have to improve our property as a condition of the agreement). The problem is that we have no currency, no bank, no where to get the supplies we will need to build our houses, we don't even have a name for our town yet! The federal government posted a variety of jobs for hire to get things moving in the right direction.

We finished our morning working on primitive shelters for peeps and fences for our land. The afternoon brought with it many choice activities which seemed to suit our moods better than working as one, big group. Some homesteaders applied for federal jobs and had interviews, other finished up peeps, and some of us began sewing juggling balls!

Gwenn and Alex working the land
Ced on the land
Alex assessing the situation
a lovely dragonfly Lily saw
Gwennyth and Alex are abutters
A strung mini acre on the stream
Molly works the land
Ali shows the start of her primitive shelter
Rose waiting for her temporary home
Maria works the land
Nica and a visitor make plans in the stream
Tayissa's peep Violet peeking out of her shelter
Spencer shows off his primitive shelter
Tayissa helps Roarie
Roarie's wood pile, chopped by himself!

Today we enjoyed:
  • The whole day!!!!
  • Swimming
  • working on temporary shelters
  • bridge building
  • getting wet!
We wish we could have:
  • played capture the flag
  • played duck duck goose
  • won one million dollars!
  • played tag
  • made peep houses
  • been more respectful
  • gotten Catalina to listen to the rules
Again, please remember to send your homesteader with appropriate footwear and plenty to eat!

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