Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 5


We began our day today with, you guessed it, a new song! Well, it wasn't a song per say, but it was definitely new. Our new song is about a lion hunt, it has very cool sound effects which reflect lion hunting! We also worked out a few new verses for "Boom Chicka Boom" (race car, chainsaw, caveman, and astronaut). The "Copper Coffee Pot" heard it's best performance yet, I can't wait to try it again tomorrow morning. If your camper still hasn't shared these with you, it's time to put the pressure on! You are missing out on some serious silliness.

We met a new homesteader today named Dalton, he is super smart and an excellent addition to our village.

A location for a town center has been picked and mini acres have been strung. We are on our way to having a proper village. It was SO hot today that we spent a long time at the pond and didn't work too hard on our land. We did spend enough time to have issues that needed to be discussed at town meeting. A few peeps have staked land across the stream and questions of water rights and submerged land laws came up. Ask your homesteader their feeling on this important issue. We will be discussing it in greater detail tomorrow.

Proper Village capture the flag rules were put in print this afternoon, everyone participated in this conversation. I think capture the flag will be much more fun the next time we play!
Alex introducing John, age 21, favorite color green. John is a fisherman from Kentucky. He likes art and will sell fish in the village. John likes to catch the fish using fishing poles, lures and bait. I wonder if he will try using nets this summer?
Gwennyth introduces a VERY shy peep name Saber. Saber is a very, very shy 21 year old artist with a pet skunk. She dislikes brussel-sprouts and people, but she likes ice cream!
Owen with the improved, large muscled Mr. PeepT
Jesslyn introduces Catalina, age 35. Catalina comes from a construction background and hopes to maybe continue hiring peeps for low wages in Village. She likes art in finished buildings. She also likes to be mean, and it shows! Catalina is not a good pet owner, all of her pets have died from neglect. She does like silliness and costumes, especially because she enjoys scaring people in a mean way. I hope we can encourage better behavior from Catalina.
Spencer, properly clothed
Our new homesteader. Welcome Dalton!
A discussion ensued this afternoon involving Spencer's lack of proper attire everyday after swimming. Shirts won out.
Snack time!

Today we enjoyed:
  • swimming
  • seeing leeches up close
  • the whole day
We wish we could have:
  • played capture the flag
  • had Village over the weekend

Please remember to send your homesteader with proper footwear (sandal and boots or sneakers), a bathing suit and lunch! We have a lot more fun when we come to camp prepared.

A great, big. gigantic THANK YOU to Roarie and Tayissa's mother for the donation sun block and bug spray! This is such a help!

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