Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 7

We began our day with "The Jeep Song", "The Coffee Pot Song", and "The Gibberish Song". We learned "The Meanest Peep", about Catalina; "The Littlest Worm", which was disgusting; "Great Green Gobs of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts", which was also disgusting; and a song about the sun, which was very informative. I do and don't apologize if your camper is singing these songs at home and getting them stuck in everyone's heads! We have a lot of fun singing songs in the morning and just about any other time we can fit it in. In addition to new songs, we have been learning a bit of new vocabulary at our morning meeting. Today Cedric told us that an onomatopoeia is a word that represents a sound, like woof. Jesslyn taught us that mellifluous means we are making lovely, musical sounds.... well, we try to be mellifluous! Owen taught us that euphonious means we sound good.

After singing, we had a brief meeting to talk about our one and only rule, safety. We outlined, as a group, places in need of improvement. Everyone agreed that we need appropriate footwear for the woods. We also need to be sure to keep our water bottles with us at all times to stay properly hydrated. The final safety item involves personal space and wrestling. The will be no wrestling at Village.

We moved on out to the land to continue the work on primitive shelters, fences and general clearing. After a snack and a nice game of capture the flag we had lunch and went for a swim. Our village group was kind of small this afternoon so we were able to try some fun new things at the pond. I stayed back with a group of shallow swimmers and Jesslyn taught the deep water swimmers proper diving technique and them took them out on a long swim to the DEEP!

Our afternoon was spent in two groups: Out on the land or inside the peep loft continuing work on our juggling balls and job applications. I think tomorrow the federal government will announce it's new appointments.

Village was visited by Sasha and her peep Herman. Herman moderated town meeting and it got crazy! Rose, Seraphina and Marguete put together a proposal for a water use and ownership law. Seraphina moved that "if you buy an area of water you should be able to own it, have it for yourself, and no trespassing". During the discussion that ensued the motion was clarified to "owning land underwater and the water itself". The motion passed 9 to 5. This left five VERY unhappy peeps. There was mention of public water ways and possible proposals to set some water aside for public use. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

Today we enjoyed:
  • the whole day!
  • DEEP swimming
  • making good shelters for our peeps
  • seeing fish in the stream in the woods
  • working together
  • making juggling balls
  • helping friends
  • not falling in the stream
We wish we could:
  • win one million dollars
  • have peeps avoid injuries
  • get the jobs we applied for
  • less heat and humidity
  • have meeting outside (it was raining in Nelson this afternoon)
  • stop hurting ourselves
  • avoid falling in the stream everyday
You may notice your homesteader coming home with splints and bandages and gauze. Rest assured, we have had no serious injuries. We just really like the process of first aid!

Please send your homesteader to camp with plenty to eat and proper shoes!

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  1. Herman, Jack and I all loved our visit today!!! We can't wait to come back and hear more about the water rights issues and also to visit the site of the future town!!! Nica said today was the best day yet :-)
    Thanks to all the hard working Feds and all of the fun loving hard playing homesteaders for making Village 2011 wonderful!! Also can't wait to find out the town name........