Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 4

Friday, Friday! This first week of Village flew by! I think I can speak for everyone by saying I am exhausted! We began our day with singing (as always), Jesslyn taught us a cool new song about Alvin the Alligator, it was very fun. We also learned some new verses to "Boom Chicka Boom", such as the zombie verse, Indian verse, and the janitor verse. Have your homesteader sings these for you, they will crack you up! We worked on Owen's "Copper Coffee Pot" song some more, and we can almost sing this tongue twister all the way through with no mistakes!

We spent our morning exploring the forest in search of the perfect spot for our village. We regrouped several times and drew maps to discuss what features were important to everyone. After snack we put stakes in the ground, paced out what we thought might be the right size and tried to string our acre. The "A Team" went out with Mr. PeepT to accomplish this enormous feat, while the rest of us took a rest and told jokes. When the A Team returned they informed us that the string wasn't long enough to enclose the land we wanted. Oh no! It was time for a lunch break and a nice long swim.

The A Team went back to work after lunch and recess while the rest of us took care of some unfinished business in the Peep Loft.

At town meeting today we met some new peeps (pictures will be posted later) and began a discussion about types of government. We learned a little about democracy, dictatorships, monarchies, socialism and police states. Mr. PeepT informed us that right now we have anarchy, no government at all! We all agreed that we should do something about that because some peeps are worried that Rolph is going to pollute the river with manure.

You may have noticed mention of snack. We are now doing morning and afternoon snack, because being a homesteader is hard work and we get HUNGRY. Please send your homesteader with appropriate amounts of food and healthy snacks.

Sadly today was our last day with Commissioner Chris. We will miss him and hope he comes back to visit often.

Today we enjoyed:
  • seeing where we could put the property
  • exploring the river
  • SWIMMING!!!!
  • just being here!
  • the whole day!
  • lunch
  • the A Team
  • lots of fun
  • a great afternoon
We wish we could:
  • see zero leeches in the pond
  • peeps could agree about "mayory" government
  • have Village on the weekend
  • have enough string to enclose all of the land we want
  • make houses
  • spend even more time at the pond
  • still hang out with Chris
  • have Mr.PeepT as mayor
Joe, ready to swim!
This is Jesslyn. As is evidenced by her "get up" she is crazy fun!
Notice the galoshes and knees high wool socks paired with her whistle, bathing suit, and borrowed hat and sweater!

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