Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 3 Photos

Roarie, Chris and T Rex
Sarah, Nica, Ali and Cedric help us learn about the infinite number of points on a circle
Molly helps the group add more pins!
Elizabeth, Molly, Sarah, Gwennyth, Alex, Nica, Ali, and Ced learn that shapes with the same perimeter can have very different areas.
Cedric, Maria, Molly, Lula and Chris paying close attention!
Sarah, Lindsay, Sarah, Rolph, Lula and Delilah listen and ask questions during peep introductions.
Maria, Rose, Elizabeth, Josephina, Sarah and Lindsay listen to peep introductions.
Nica introduces Blaze McCoy, age 29. Blaze is the General Store owner. She is 133peep-lbs, 8.5 peep feet tall, green eyes, red hair and very, very well traveled. This peep has been around the world so many times it made my head spin! She is from Belgrade, ME and has a passion for growing sunflowers. Blaze also keeps a donkey named Navy, dog-Jasper, Horse- Vincent and two ponies, Rosy and Ruby.
Spencer and Tayissa
Chris tells us about The Professor
This is The Professor is wacky, crazy, and insane. He wears shell shoes and never takes his lab coat off. He has one big red eye and one small blue. The professor invented attachable gills, and will make space suits available for sale.
Chris introduces us to The Professor
Spencer introduces Bob Marley, age 21, from Jamaica. He moved to America when he turned one, so he doesn't have a Jamaican accent. He is a pro-skate boarder and manager of the bank. He is awesome and only listens to Bob Marley. Bob wants us to know that although Spencer is hanging around with out a shirt, Village is NOT a nudist camp.
Spencer, Bob and Tayissa
Ali, Molly, Marguete, and Sarah are waiting to ask questions.
Lula and Delilah have a conversation with Mr. Bridges and John
Delilah and John are friends
Rolph and Delilah are talking about manure

Chris and The Professor pose with Roarie as he introduces T Rex, age 11. T Rex is really a peep in a dinosaur costume. His hobby is scaring people and he is friends with everyone. T Rex sells and designs costumes. He REALLY REALLY like dinos!
The Professor, T Rex and Bob Marley
Maria introduces Rose, age 24, from Nelson, NH. Rose will make and sell all kinds of boats for peeps. She is planning on capitalizing on the river front property by filling a need. She also has beautiful green eyes.
Cedric adjusts his peep time/space capsule

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