Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 3

Wow! I don't know how today could possibly have felt busier than yesterday, but it was! We began our day singing "Baby Shark" and learning two hilarious new songs called "Boom Chicka Boom" and "Tarzan". We also began learning a crazy tongue twister song about coffee! You should definitely ask your homesteader to share these songs with you. After singing we split into two groups. One group stayed in the Peep Loft to work on peeps, the other group went exploring and trail blazing.... We put more markers up in the forest to make a better path and we played at the stream.

Next we learned how shapes with the same perimeter can have very different areas. Some of us used lots of math and calculations and others didn't need to use any at all. We all agreed that you get the most area with a circle. However, we won't be allowed to stake a circular village, so we also took note that the more points in our shape=more area. Have your homesteader explain this to you.

After lunch and fabulous swimming we were visited by surveyor John Bridges and his peep John. He spoke with us about perimeter and area. Maria shared that a square acre is 208.7 feet on a side. Mr. Bridges taught us how to pace and we all counted how many paces it took us to cover 200 feet. Then we tried to pace out an acre in the field we like to have meeting in. It was too small. We moved onto the big field and paced out a square acre. It was really hard work, but we did it! Ask your homesteader how gigantic an acre really is. The reason we need know this is because we get to build our village on a real acre. It looks like there will be plenty of space for everyone!

Today we enjoyed:
  • playing capture the flag
  • swimming
  • the acre lesson
  • pacing the acre
  • lunch!
  • finishing peeps
We wish we could:
  • swim longer
  • be more patient
  • stake the land
  • not do acre lessons and pacing!
Yes I do see that the acre lesson is in both lists, we are a very diverse village!

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