Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 2 photos, some peep introductions

Sarah with Lindsay

Sarah introduces Lindsay, age 24. She is an artist from Italy, though she was born in France. She loves puppies, cockerspaniels, adventures, and fashion. Her pony Boo died, and now she has a dog named Boots.
Tayissa introduces Violet, age 21, from Canada. She is gothic and her favorite colors are black and red
Sarah with Rolph, Rolph loves manure!
Roarie and Chris relaxing during peep introductions
Alice introduces Seraphina, age 25, runs Seraphina's (hopefully) Riverside Restaurant. She cooks, has a pug named Max, a hampster named Olivia. She is from America, loves the river , crab puffs and her favorite book is "The Joy of Cooking"
Lula with Delilah
Molly introduces Marguete, age 20 from France, she is a waitress, her favorite color is purple. She has eaten snails, but informs us that we cannot eat snails from Center Pond
Ingrid introduces Josephina, who is also known as Josephine, age 27, from India and works as a waitress at Seraphina's restaurant
Lily introduces Fire, who is 21, has pointy ears and enjoys running from squirrels
Lula introduces Delilah, she is 20 and hopes to work at the general store. She is from Alabama, her favorite color is navy blue, and she has naturally rainbow hair!
Maria is working on her peep's profile
Molly is excited!
Elizabeth, Sarah, and Maria showing off their hard work
Ali is happily working on her mini ruler
Maria working on a mini ruler
Nica working on a mini ruler
Roarie working on a mini ruler
The scale of a matchbox to a(n imagined) sports car is (approximately) 1:61!
How many times bigger would a real race car be than a matchbox?

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