Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 18

This morning Owen brought his guitar in and we tried to sing the "Swimming Song".  We have not attempted this song since the first day of camp... and we are not pros, yet.  We also went on a lion hunt and sang some bizarre rounds of "Black Socks" and "Fish and Chips and Vinegar".  Today was another business day, however we are more relaxed now that we are at the end of the week and almost everyone is caught up.  Some homesteaders went into the woods with Jesslyn to work on the land, some homesteaders worked on their houses with Owen and Tim at the sheep shed, and some homesteaders worked on furniture and banking with me in the peep loft.  We broke for snack half way through the morning and switched stations as necessary.  

After lunch and a nice swim we were met back at camp by Sasha.  She came by to teach a community college course on mini cooking.  A group of homesteaders learned how to make lovely, mini berry shortcakes.  They even made enough for everyone!  Whilst that was going on, Rolph and Morton had a meeting to settle some gigantic debts that have been looming at the Merc.  Some peeps owed more than 100 snips!

Town meeting was not productive today, at all.  As soon as the meeting was called to order it was moved not to have meeting.  This motion passed but was not unanimous.  Rolph felt that to be fair, the village should hear out those that wanted a meeting.  The next 28 minutes were devoted to arguing about this.  Those that wanted a meeting suggested  that they be allowed to continue with business, while those who did not want a meeting could simply forfiet their vote and play capture the flag.  This suggestion was met with jeers as well as murmurs.  I heard some saying, "...if we play capture the flag they could pass a law that no brown haired people are allowed in Village, and then throw them all out!"  I think we have a very paranoid population.  Direct democracy is hard!  The idea of a representative government was mentioned again (by Morton and Jake, again), but most peeps aren't sure they can trust anyone to vote in their best interest.  When we were finally done arguing, the town voted once again to repeal the private water law.  At first this vote looked like another tie, but some people were not paying attention and the moderator kept accidentally on purpose saying the motion wrong.  Ultimately the motion failed.

Today we liked:
  • Eric the Blind now has eyes!  He is now Eric the sighted
  • finishing houses and furnishings
  • not the whole day (liked all but the last 30 minutes)
  • not accomplishing anything at meeting
  • productivity and good ideas
  • swimming
  • the whole day!
  • homesteaders are running camp
  • getting a lot finished
  • that most peeps are bankrupt, now that the debt collectors have come calling.
We wish:
  • we finished painting houses
  • meeting was less boring today
  • Jacques was banished from Village "... like the despicable scum he is."
  • we had more time to accomplish things
  • we hadn't spent 70% of meeting complaining about not having meeting
  • we could play capture the flag
  •  homesteaders would recognize the powers they have and make changes to get what they want
  • for the repo man to come
  • meeting went smoothly
  • we finished houses
  • we made meeting work better

eating mini berry shortcake!

at the mint, printing money!

building furniture

T-Rex is much too tall!

inside T-Rex's house

pets are being born

Delilah enjoys her bed and other furnishings

Morton's house, almost done

Morton's house gets some felt

making money is MESSY

3 messy fingers

one fly eating another fly on Owens foot

This is the coolest thing ever!

Sasha Stewart... I mean Duverlie teaches us how to prepare mini food

It is important to touch your face when handling food that is going to be eaten by everyone!  I hope it wasn't a sneeze!

chopping fruit

measuring flour

striking a pose

making biscuits

using power tools!

seizing with hunger for shortcake!

waiting patiently

serving up

a baby at camp?  where did he come from?

Yum! Mini cake!

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