Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 15

We began our day with singing and a few announcements.  We had a new camper join us today, Evie.  We were also joined by Tricia Bell and Tim Bollinger.  After singing homesteaders had the option of attending a community college course about law and debate, working on houses, finishing up lumber orders, or finishing cardboard models.  

Tricia Bell taught the Law and Debate class.  Mrs. Bell taught us that laws are about fair treatment.  Any laws made should be a benefit to the community as a whole.  We spoke about laws seeming harmless, but the ability of a law to set a precedent that undermines the benefit of the community.  We learned that laws can be repealed or amended.  She taught us about mediators and lawyers and the tools that they use to solve problems.  Mrs. Bell also had us model a debate.  The debate the homesteaders chose related to drinking age.  One homesteader represented the idea that the age should be 18, one proposed that the drinking age remain the same, a third homesteader spoke to the idea that the drinking age should be upped to 29!
Thank you Tricia!!!

Down in the sheep shed today things were happening!!!  Tim came to help Owen cut all of the lumber orders that have come through the trading post.  Homesteaders got lots of practice in proper measuring to translate their house plans to wood, piece by piece.  

After lunch today we decided not to swim because it was so cold.  So cold in fact that Jesslyn offered to make a fire!  During recess some homesteaders gathered and chopped fire wood, others played capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, and had relay races.  Best of all we had a surprise visitor, Chris!  He spent the rest of the afternoon with us!

In the afternoon we had lots of choices in the peep loft.  The bank started printing money, homesteaders began building furniture and decor for their houses, pets were born and a few peeps got some much needed repairs.  The federal government also began salary negotiations with federal employees.  It looks like some peeps are going to make quite a bit of money!

It poured rain by the time we were ready for town meeting.  We held it in a completely different fashion in the peep loft with all of the tables pushed together and everyone sitting around.  We also have a new rule at town meeting, only peeps can talk, ever!  First, the trading post manager, Violet announced that she did not approve of the way people were behaving in her shop.  It sounds like some homesteaders are walking off with materials and not paying for them.  Next, Rolph ask for a motion on a mandatory manure law, this measure failed.  Blaze suggested that we adopt "everyday, common laws" for our town.  Rolph thought this was confusing and asked for clarification.  Getting none, he asked Blaze to name six common laws.  Blaze and a few others came up with:  No murder, no breaking out of jail, no stealing, no J walking, no trespassing, no walking around naked, no vandalism and no breaking and entering.   Discussion ensued.  Morton thought many of the "common laws" were a bit ridiculous because for instance, we have no jail to break out of, no cars to J walk in front of, most peeps are glued into their clothes.  This discussion was tabled for another time.  Hopefully everyone spends a bit of time thinking about it before the next meeting.

Today we liked:
  • lumber orders are done!
  • building a fire
  • the new meeting set up
  • the whole day!
  • seeing everything coming together
  • printing snips
  • finishing cardboard models
  • burning ants (in the fire)
  • that Chris was here!
  • playing ultimate Frisbee
  • that is was raining
We wish:
  • we could start drawing out house plans on wood
  • we could always have meeting like this
  • it was not raining
  • games went more smoothly at recess
  • we knew all of the songs better
  • we burnt more ants
  • Chris would visit again
  • it's raining
  • Chris stayed all of the time
  • for marshmallows

gigantic jump roping

Law and Debate class with Tricia

Tim helping Roarie with some lumber

Owen working with Maria and Lilly

Dalton nailing his house together

Spencer operating a jig saw

Ali operating a drill press

Ali operating a jig saw

making a fire

we have smoke!

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