Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 14

Day 14!  Today was even hotter than yesterday, if that's even possible!  We sang a few songs this morning and talked a little bit more about the benefits of drinking water.  When homesteaders looked to the plan of the day, they noticed that there was almost nothing on the board.  It just said:  9:30 Nature Walk with Al Stoops
10:30 Pond All DAY!  This came as very welcome  news because like I said, it was HOT!

We all went ahead and introduced ourselves to Al.  It turns out that Al Stoops, in addition to having vast amounts of knowledge about the natural world, used to be a commissioner at Village summer camp way back in 1983!  We decided to check out the natural world in the woods because it was hot, have I already mentioned that?  The first thing Al showed us was a red salamander, hiding under a log.  We made our way down to the stream where Al identified a hellgrammite, this crazy creature looks scary but is actually quite tame; a two lined salamander, hiding in the water and moving very quick to avoid capture; a finger nail clam, from a small forest pool.  He showed us how to make Beech feathers and how to eat wood sorrel.  In fact Al identified SO many things that I find it very difficult to list them all!  Please ask your homesteader what they liked about our nature walk.

Al joined us for snack before he left and taught us how to make apple puzzles!  
Thank you Al!!!
After Al left we loaded up the van with coolers and ice and water and towels and food and sunblock and more water!  Homesteaders all wore a lot of sunblock today.  I drove lunch to the pond while homesteaders walked with Owen and Jesslyn.  Our group sang really loudly the whole way to the pond to let the natives know we were coming.  We had the pond all to ourselves for about three hours!  We had a nice picnic lunch, complete with watermelon and more water!  Gwennyth's mom brought us some more ice and water as the afternoon developed.  Thanks Pam!!!  

All packed up, we headed back to camp around twenty passed three.  I can't think of a time I have spent SO much time in the water.  When we got back to camp there were popsicles and a lovely blueberry fizzie drink waiting for us.  Thank you Sasha!!!

We also said goodbye to Ingrid today.  We are very sad to see her go and hope she misses her plane to California so she can play at Village with us!

Today we liked:
  • the whole day!
  • swimming all day!
  • popsicles!
  • nature walk!
We wish:
  • we could have played capture the flag
  • the day wasn't over
  • we had more days like today
  • we all had water proof shoes
  • the day was longer
  • everyone was here today
  • it was less hot
  • Ingrid could stay longer

 Nica with the world's largest raspberry
 Checking out the red salamander
looking for red salamanders


Al Stoops!

Bear poop!

Amazing Al catches and shows us a Deer fly up close

two lined salamander

someone's primitive shelter

beech feather

land marker

Al shows us a plant called ?  I can't actually remember!

baby fish



Ali's canoe

Ali's water filled acre

Ali's canoe really works!

Ced and hellgrammite

Gwen and hellgrammite

Ali and hellgrammite

Looking for peep clams (I mean finger nail clams)

peep clam

Dalton's acre, all fenced in!

wood sorrel, delicious!

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