Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 16

Today was all business.  We did our usual singing, but did not linger.  We had a brief talk about our weekly goals and why they ought to matter.  I think everyone finally understands that we are bothering to make nice properties to have a high appraisal values to have more snips for the peep auction!  Most homesteaders are spending a lot of time down at the sheep shed, turning wood into homes for peeps.  Many have made enough progress to furnish and paint their homes!    

After a cool and lovely dip in the pond,we spent the afternoon building furniture, working on houses, working on the news paper, creating a town flag and motto, and making pets.  I think our first paper will be printed tomorrow!

In light of nothing being on the agenda for town meeting, we didn't have one!

Today we liked:
  • swimming
  • the whole day
  • peep repairs being finished
  • it was a great day!
  • being spoken to by a sock
  • the Merc had a lot of business
  • working on houses
  • the rain
We wish:
  • it was not raining
  • Owen did not break his jar of peanut butter on the way to camp
  • Chris were here today
  • no one would clonk heads
  • we finished our houses
  • it rained more
  • for sun!
  • the Merc wasn't so busy!

Somehow lunch tastes better when eaten under a hammock

Nica, Maria, Molly and Roarie working on houses

Ali painting her house

Joe drawing out his lumber order

Roarie building a mummy!

"I will get you.... eventually!"

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