Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 13

I should begin by saying that today was definitely a SCORCHER!  Wow what a hot day!  Before singing this morning we talked about dehydration and the importance of proper hydration.  A few of homesteaders shared stories about times when they were dehydrated in the past.  Everyone was sure to keep their water bottle with them all day with plenty of water.  Every ten minutes my watch went off and we drank.  I don't think the porta-potty has ever seen so much traffic!  We moved on to all new songs this morning.  Jesslyn found some old village song books and we all looked on.  We learned "The Yellow Submarine", "Lean on Me", and "Baby Bumble Bee".  We weren't sure we liked the printed end of "Baby Bumble Bee" so we improvised a few more verses, ask your homesteader if they remember.

After songs and announcements we worked.  We worked very hard this morning.  Now all but two homesteaders have completed a cardboard model and a lumber order.  The lumber order is no small task.  The purpose of the order is to calculate via overall area the cost of wood for building.  Amy  joined us again this morning and told us some more about Pythagoras and his hypotenuse.  We are accidentally becoming experts at math!

Those of us who were finished with lumber orders moved onto the next step:  Drawing out pieces on plywood for cutting.  We have one homesteader who has finished this step and has completely assembled his peep's house already!

We decided to take it extra easy this afternoon in light of the heat.  We spent over an hour at the pond (with our water bottles).  It was so hot that no one got out of the water, except to pee!

At town meeting today we determined the size and look of the snips.  A few homesteaders made suggestions.  Last week Owen carved two stamps for the homesteaders to print money with.  After a bit of discussion, Owen's stamps were chosen.  It looks like we can start printing money!

Yesterday Jesslyn introduced us to her peep, Jacques.  He is a 29 year old french  painter with a smoking problem.  Some of the homesteaders had a problem with this, Jacques replied, "You donnot hava zee laws, you knoaw?!"  He also tried to challenge T Rex to a duel.  Today Jacques seems to have fallen madly in love with Saber.  He is a very passionate peep!

Today we liked:

  • swimming longer!
  • having a great day
  • heat, when we stay properly hydrated
  • getting to know Jacques better
  • that no one did themselves grievous hurt
  • having fun
  • that Jake found his voice
  • the whole day!
We wish:
  • it was not SO hot
  • the morning was more fun
  • it was hotter
  • people would engage their peeps at meeting
  • Jacques was less scary
  • we got more done on houses
  • for a tall, ice cold glass of lemonade
  • we could play capture the flag
Please send your homesteader with plenty to eat.  Remember that we have snack time twice a day!

Thank you Gwennyth for finding Rolph!!!!!

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