Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 9

We began our day with a few songs, but everyone was eager to get to work on their land, house plans, cardboard models, and jobs.  We realized that we don't have any form of currency or barter, so everyone is aware that there will be no money until we sort that out.  So far it hasn't been a problem, but a few of us are actually ready to begin house construction on Monday.  I hope we can sort it out then!  Mr. PeepT reminded us this morning that he is the king.  After this announcement, we learned that a cacophony is the opposite of mellifluous!  It sounded like a few peeps want to talk about democracy.  

All of the homesteaders met up together for lunch and swimming, the sun even came out for a bit while we were at the pond.  There was talk at morning meeting of a mystery activity in the afternoon, so we walked extra fast back to camp.  It turns out Jesslyn and Owen put together an amazing treasure hunt for two teams.  Each team received their first clue and they were off!

After about a half an hour of homesteaders scurrying to and fro the treasures were revealed, but we weren't quite sure what we had found.  It looked like a bunch of pieces for something.  A few brainiacs had seen stuff like this before and they shared that we had found an ice cream maker!  The commissioners put in the ingredients, ice and salt and the homesteaders took turns turning the crank and rolling the ball.  We learned that milk and cream expand when frozen, much like water.  We also learned that adding the salt to the ice makes it colder.  Another half hour later, we had lovely, homemade vanilla ice cream!

Today we enjoyed:
  • the treasure hunt!
  • making ice cream!
  • not falling in the stream
  • swimming
We wish we could:
  • go swimming more
  • not make house plans
  • have ice cream every day
  • have an easier treasure hunt
  • make ice cream faster
  • have camp on the weekend!

 We are becoming juggle masters
 Dalton practicing at lunch
 Ced, Dalton and Spencer juggling during lunch
 Tayissa, Roarie and Lily working on house plans and cardboard models
 Maria and Spencer get the bank up and running (minus the money!)
 Molly and Ali work on house plans
 Mr. PeepT
 Cedric working on house plans
 Team long leg, for the treasure hunt
 Team short leg for the treasure hunt
 team broken Spencer!
 Team short legs finished first and found the big bucket and crank

 team long legs finds their last clue

 making ice cream!

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