Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 10

In spite of the rain, or perhaps because of the rain, we had a very productive day at Village.  I need a drum roll because we have

(da da dada)


This is a very big deal!  Now if only someone would volunteer to design, create, and name our money we could use it!

This morning was spent with great intentions.  We were going to work on our land, houses, and jobs; even started to, but then it POURED rain down on us.  We all wound up working on house plans and jobs up in the peep loft.  Most homesteaders now have house plans and several have completed cardboard models.  The newspaper is up and running, but not quite ready for print.

We spent lunch inside (for the first time) and had indoor recess.  Some of us played connect four, did mad libs, puppet shows, drew pictures, learned to play gin.  Some of us played a great game called murder.  It was very fun, be sure to ask your camper about it!  When we were about to move on with our afternoon, the sun came out!  We did manage to swim today and even though it was brief, it was amazing!  We are getting so good at walking to the pond in one group!

The hot topic at town meeting was currency.    Stamped paper bills in several denominations were suggested and approved.  Having change was discussed and voted on, it passed.  There was a very lengthy discussion about what we could use for change, the term counterfeit kept creeping in.  It was proposed that we use the green and pink plastic beads as change.  The measure passed.  It was then proposed that tin foil marked with sharpie replace the plastic bead system.  This measure failed.  Gwennyth and Nica proposed a law against counterfeiting, this measure passed.  It is now illegal to counterfeit peep currency, however, we still have no consequences.  The radio station and newspaper both made announcements, asking for contributions.  Next up the homesteaders turned their attention back to water rights.  Cedric and Spencer proposed a repeal of the submerged land rights law passed just last week.  It was put to a vote and the measure tied!  Unfortunately we were out of time and the discussion was tabled for our next meeting.  We are still without any sort of government.

Watch out for more Peep Community College courses, coming very soon!

Today we liked:

  • swimming
  • the whole day!
  • getting better at juggling
  • being at camp!
  • having game time
  • our injuries from last week are healing
  • working on houses
  • working on newspaper
  • having a rainy indoor day
We wish we could:
  • have brought salt to the pond for leeches
  • have had no rain
  • play more murder
  • more people would participate in indoor games
  • get Spencer to stop hurting himself
  • stay at camp longer
  • start getting paid for our jobs
  • play capture the flage

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