Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 8

We began our day talking about the FCC and learning "The Pirate Song".  After singing we discussed potential names for our town.  Many names were suggested, but we narrowed it down to just three!   Interestingly enough, we had 15 homesteaders this morning and each town name received 5 votes!  The homesteaders decided we should wait until the afternoon when more of us were present.  We then moved on to federal employment appointments.  We now have all positions filled that are essential for town function, and everyone got what they wanted!

We spent some time working on our land this morning.  When we got to the woods we saw that Jesslyn had cleared a highway for us straight down to the stream.  Now no one will get lost or misled on their way back up to camp.

The afternoon brought swimming and juggling!  An amazing juggler, Susan Lord, from Harrisville came to camp and taught us the basics of the throw up method for juggling.  I think we have a few juggling masters in our midst!  Thank you Susan for a very fun and informative afternoon!

We tried out one of our new moderators, Ali and Seraphina, for town meeting.  We were able to chose a town name.  Drum roll please........

                             our new name:  Petiteborough
After making that big decision we talked a little about currency and why we might like to have some.  Lily shared that currency is money in circulation.  Joe shared that money rules the world.  Dalton shared some ideas about the way our currency could look.  We tabled that discussion and moved on to the big government debate.  Mr.PeepT has informed us that he is king, and he now owns everything that once was everyone else's, and we are to bow down and kiss his shoes.  It was later moved and agreed that Petiteborough will have a non-monarchy type of government.

Today we enjoyed:
  • the whole day!
  • swimming
  • juggling
  • DEEP swimming
  • working on houses
  • trying a new moderator
We wish we could:
  • play capture the flag
  • swim longer
  • win one billion dollars
  • keep order in town meeting
  • have a smooth government discussion
  • talk about the town water situation
  • build houses

 swimming at beautiful Center Pond

 Susan Lord gives us a juggling pep talk
 everyone tries it out

 juggling is HARD, but FUN!

 We are making lots of new friends!

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